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And it’s a pleasure to welcome you my dear visitor to my site, so let’s start with a little introduction? So my name is Jim Roots and I’m a programmer. I was born and raised in Sydney and those who know the geography will know it’s in Australia.

Programming has always brought me pleasure and I can say that it is my life’s work, but according to many psychologists, and one of them I especially like and respect and this is Michael Litvack, I hope the fact that he is Russian will not confuse anyone and will not surprise. So, as Mikhail Litvack says, to succeed in your favorite field, you need to strive for more, and the lawyer who does not dream of becoming a senator is bad.

So I decided to also develop in their favorite business, but to take a more creative direction, I decided to create my own blog, or rather a site on the Internet, where I will share a small part of the information that I have in my head.

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How did I go to create my blog?

After reading a book on psychology, one of my favorite authors, I realized that I have to move on. I realized that I love to communicate with people through the Internet and it dawned on me, yes I create a website. What topics I decided to cover in sovem blog:

  1. iGaming
  2. Casino

I like video games and I often have different questions but for some reason I can not find answers on the internet so I started to put my favorite thoughts and answers on my website. That for myself I understand exactly what I need your feedback and I am very interested in how you like my articles, on this dear reader feel free to leave your comments. Separate place in my heart is a casino, I can safely admit I am a gambler and play, and most importantly to win I love it.

What official data sources do I use to write objective reviews and provide interesting information for readers

  1. First of all, I use data from official Australian gambling sites, where you can learn important points about responsible gambling and possible risks
  2. I use official reports of Australian authorities to provide real statistics in my articles and reviews and
  3. Trying to research real gambling survey reports in Australia in terms of participation, costs and problems among regular players to understand what information is most needed. The report follows the format and style typical of gambling prevalence studies conducted in Australia and elsewhere.
  4. Also in my reviews I like to use data from statistics sites, such as data from last data was taken to write an objective review of the Australian online brand.

Well that can be summed up, all you read and led to this site my personal opinion and is based on my personal experience, the best part is that I found another way svobgo development, I hope you dear reader will find yourself here is something new and interesting

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