2022 will be a turning point in the gaming industry

In my opinion, there has been some kind of stagnation in the gaming industry lately, all the games were made just like copies and it became very boring and not always interesting. If you agree with me, I’ve got good news for you, soon everything is going to change.

There were some very important turning points in the game industry that I would like you to track down and trace with me.


And so we’ll conventionally call this the first turning point. At that time, Nintendo was the absolute leader in the games market. But the competition wasn’t long in coming, and new market leaders began to appear. By 1996 the market already had Atari Jaguar, Panasonic 3DO, Sega Saturn, PC-FX, PlayStation, Nintendo 64. There was fierce competition between them and by the end of the 90s a lot of them went bankrupt. At the same time a great variety of games appeared. Also the level of games grew, for example now video games were associated not only with entertainment for children, but also the traffic of older generation. In a word, we can call this period “the age of growing up” because of the appearance of such games as Super Metroid, System Shock, Final Fantasy VI and the first part of The Elder Scrolls.

game consoles


I would call this year the Olympus of game development. Because it was the year that a huge number of the best games came out. Games like StarCraft, Fallout 2, Baldur’s Gate, Metal Gear Solid, Ocarina of Time, Resident Evil 2, Half-Life, and the slightly overdue Silent Hill came out in January 1999. Also, 3D graphics appeared. Themes of love, death, health, and even politics now began to be addressed in the games.

top games 1998


The locomotive of the new era is a way of describing this year in a nutshell, with such boss games as Mass Effect, Assassin Creed, Crysis, BioShock, Modern Warfare, Uncharted. Now video games have become like movies, there are beautiful graphics and a story that began to interest even housewives.


Witcher 3, Bloodborn, Fallout 4, Metal Gear Solid V, Dying Light, Arkham Knight. Do you know what the following games have in common? Besides the fact that they all came out in ’15. The central gameplay element in them is the open world. That’s the year it became possible to buy games in pre-release, because there was a huge demand and the most surprising thing is that people were paying for games that hadn’t even come out yet.

growth chart


In my opinion this is the year that has a very big release of cool games sequel Breath of the Wild – game of the year 2017, and sequel God of War – game of the year 2018. Secondly, it’s Cyberpunk. Cyberpunk came out at the very end of 2020 and was the most anticipated premiere in several years. To summarize, what to expect from the next releases or eras I don’t know exactly, but I’m anticipating their fruits.