Cybersport: an opportunity to bet or a niche entertainment?

Covid-19 very much interfered with Evo’s live championships this year at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Evo had to hold virtual competitions, of course the live competition is very different, the online version is missing a lot. Now you can not say that cyber sports is definitely about the future, but this game has contributed … Read more

5 Trends in Gaming

When the pandemic started, LAN tournaments went online, thereby giving the gaming industry a fresh breath of air. What happened as a result, the society, which attended mass events such as hockey, visiting favorite movies in the cinema, stopped to draw adrenaline and get positive emotions thus moved to online games and of course the … Read more

Covid 19 and the casino

         When COVID 19 came into our world in 2020, the gaming industry also fell into a sieve of restrictions and suffered. To say that the casino suffered and very badly, the income disappeared is exactly the same as to say nothing! Revenue was rapidly approaching zero. None of the experts could even guess how … Read more

Cyber Sports at the 2024 Olympics

Dear Reader, I would like to share with you some very entertaining and in my opinion interesting information. Tony Estange, co-chairman of the Paris 2024 Olympic bid committee, told The Associated Press that he would like to meet with the International Olympic Committee to propose the inclusion of cybersports as an official sport in the … Read more

If you ask every other player, we will hear the phrase “Yes, I’ve lost and lost a lot of money, I was at the bottom”.

Someone chooses a machine that recently hit the jackpot, hoping that it will respond in the same way and let him feel the sweet taste of winning again, but alas and ah the machine remains unruffled and cold, like an iceberg that can’t be moved. Getting your coveted winnings and at the same time not … Read more