Covid 19 and the casino

         When COVID 19 came into our world in 2020, the gaming industry also fell into a sieve of restrictions and suffered. To say that the casino suffered and very badly, the income disappeared is exactly the same as to say nothing! Revenue was rapidly approaching zero. None of the experts could even guess how long the destruction would last and what it would mean in the end!

         Gradually the casino began to open, but the flow of people was not in a hurry to grow, and it was right, it was safe. Each of the countries on our planet made its own decision, some closed off from the world altogether, some found their own solutions. U.S. casinos began to return in three or four months, while Canadian and Australian casinos were closed for more than 18 months. The world’s population was dumbfounded and didn’t know how to behave. But every side has two medals and over time this also paid off for the casinos, if you can put it that way

casino stagnation schedule for the period from 2018 to 2022
On the graph we can see in what year was the maximum stagnation of the casino and it is 2020

         Let’s start with online gambling and sports betting. Remote betting was only legal in the law, the casino didn’t suffer as much in this area. Money continued to flow to the IRS, but at a much lower level. But the states where the online casinos were not legalized now started to think about it, because in case of new pandemic the money flow would not evaporate completely.

        In the past, casinos had to communicate with their guests, it wasn’t always easy, but it was more of a learning curve. Remember the days when you used to get emails or notifications from the casino? Now that format has changed and communication with customers is on a different level!
         The casino was cramped, there were more people at the tables than the table could hold, or there was no one at another table. The casinos switched to food courts that looked more classy and expensive, which helped the casinos rise even higher in the eyes of their patrons and attract new customers.

         What else has been affected by the pandemic, you might ask? The way we pay, which is now cashless. The pandemic has taught us to be more piddly, you do not want to take money that has changed hands, and most importantly not clear which hands.A recent study showed that it costs casinos $15 to process every $100 in cash. But cashless transactions cut that cost to less than one dollar. How soon will players move to cashless? Let’s ask millennials, who rarely carry cash and use their phones for all transactions.

          I want to bring this to its logical conclusion and say, yes the pandemic was a hard time, a painful time. But it has also had its rewards, would you agree with me?