Cybersport: an opportunity to bet or a niche entertainment?

Covid-19 very much interfered with Evo’s live championships this year at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Evo had to hold virtual competitions, of course the live competition is very different, the online version is missing a lot. Now you can not say that cyber sports is definitely about the future, but this game has contributed to the history of games.

A new audience completely

Grand Hotel and Casino Downtown in Las Vegas opened in 2015, the casino held thousands of cyber sports tournaments, and the bookmaker William Hill hosted bets, such a story was the first time in cyber sports for the United States.

The Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas opened in 2015
The Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas opened in 2015

Covid made his changes but it didn’t all come in a negative way. Cyber sports have become very popular and there is a lot of action to be had in it, which gives a positive momentum.

A year later, operators focused on traditional sports, looking to win new markets and new customers as legal betting expanded. As a result, cyber sports have taken a back seat, Schorr says.

Adults understand video games, surprisingly for a younger colony, because long before they did, they started playing them. But these days, games have gone far beyond PacMan and Asteroids in terms of complexity and graphics. Cyber Spotsmen can choose to play anything, like sports or shooters.

What about the law in the USA?

Authorities in Nevada approved a law that required the State Board to oversee gambling, further creating a Technical Advisory Committee on Cybersports. This law allowed the committee to make recommendations for cyber sports. Which allowed the keber sport to be put in order and avoid chaos.

Schorr calls the committee a welcome development:

“It was very difficult for a betting operator to get regulatory approval to place bets on cyber sports,” he says.

Nevada is currently dealing with cybersports betting, requiring sports bettors to submit applications that are subject to approval by the Gaming Control Board.

Hyper-X Arena at Luxor in Las Vegas is designed specifically for cybersports fans. Nowhere to go but up.

According to Apter, Johnson realized that cybersports would be an important new vertical for sports betting, and first-person shooters like Overwatch and Call of Duty would be among the most popular games. Don’t discount the popularity of sports simulators such as Madden, FIFA, NBA 2K and iRacing’s rise in games came during Covid.

And what great cash prizes the participants of the Dota 2 tournament, held in October 2021 in Bucharest, received. The first place prize was of 18 million dollars.

To understand the impact that cyber sports will have on sports betting, “you first have to look at the impact it has already had on the consumer habits of the general public,” Swissman says.

Cybersports have attracted millions of fans around the world. And the question comes why hasn’t cybersports become a sports betting platform yet?

Swissman believes that cybersport is very entertaining, but most of its participants are under the age of majority. Over time, this problem will also be solved, there will be youth tournaments. Soon we will have tournaments that will last a few months. The participants will choose their own teams like in big soccer. It could also increase the fantasy market and if casinos were to do those tournaments they’d increase interest in eSports betting.

According to Apter, “Cybersports fans are very passionate, and all indications are that they want to bet on their favorite teams just as much as fans of traditional sports.