If you ask every other player, we will hear the phrase “Yes, I’ve lost and lost a lot of money, I was at the bottom”.

Someone chooses a machine that recently hit the jackpot, hoping that it will respond in the same way and let him feel the sweet taste of winning again, but alas and ah the machine remains unruffled and cold, like an iceberg that can’t be moved. Getting your coveted winnings and at the same time not staying in debt, the dream of every player, but this way can be cold, long and not clear.

You sit down to play, you choose exactly the car that you had spotted earlier and you think, my dear car will now give me the same warm coin, and I will not come home today empty-handed. Leave a residue in your heart when a man sitting next to you will shout out, “Hurray, I’ve won that one! That’s my win!”  And the woman at the other table has played one game will be smiling with happiness because she won her annual salary! She will walk around the room and point to his machine and say, “Yes it was he brought me today, the greatest happiness and winnings.

And you rewind the tape of events taking place and realize that you played behind that machine not long ago and it was as cold as snow in the north. You sink back into your thoughts and realize that you are going down, your soul is empty, you feel like the Titanic that went down and crashed on the iceberg of your failures.


But slowly sinking to the bottom, you begin to realize that in order to rise again and see the clear skies above your head, you’ll have to hit the big jackpot, and maybe it will be more than once. Perhaps, you will have to hit the jackpot a few times to dream about feeling like a winner! And yes, the feeling is worth it!  But in order to get back to the casino with renewed vigor and to hit the coveted jackpot need to get out on land, get away from the game for a while to dry off, reinforce and with new strength, having agreed with Lady Luck to go confidently to the casino with a sense of victory and a good luck! Be the strongest gladiator in the arena, or become a Caesar and rule your destiny, create your Rome and build your empire! What do you want to do? I didn’t come here to go home again defeated. I need help. You’re not around to help the players? So, help me!


Oh my friend if I was that almighty, I’d make sure you’d break a sweat on your first game and people would come up and admire you! What a unique, unique and competent player you are! But I am not a magician, and I can not give such wonderful magic and a fairy tale, although I would like to. But all this is possible, all this can become your reality. Okay, let’s assume that you bet the same amount from time to time (let it be three dollars), without changing it. Naturally, you play for the full coin, that is, you leave the entire amount in the machine, sometimes you even allow yourself to bet much more. Here’s your help: Both players should only play more or less traditional machines. The radical part. Both of our players will still play $1 machines, but they will only play one coin, that is, one decision at a time. At least if the machine is cold, the losses will be markedly reduced. You don’t increase the amount invested in the machine until you realize that you are starting to climb out of the deep end of the pool. Then you can (can) go to two coins in one decision as long as the upward trend continues.

You need to stay as far away from progressive jackpot machines as possible. Your job is to play such machines with full coin, because the advantage on such casinos seems to be much higher. Your job is to see a machine and play it that gives you a chance to win here and now. Although if you can’t win again you can pick up a hammer and…… oh no, forgive me for my black humor, of course I’m kidding.


You have begun your comeback. Now you must try a few games with two coins (credit). If you find that you are still managing to hold your ground, keep betting two coins (credit). If things are still going your way, try those three coin bets again – just a few – and see what happens. Lady Luck may respond to you.


Slot machines are very tricky and fickle. You can enter Rome as Caesar, victorious and on the horse, that is, to hit several jackpots at once. However, there is a time to just get it over with and walk away. Don’t lose your entire bankroll for a trip in one horrible session. That’s the best help I can give you. Quitting isn’t defeat; it’s just resting up for your next fight with the machines!